Ordering articles, services or training from NUMERIS-TSP

NUMERIS-TSP is willing, through this page, to receive your various orders in order to provide you with top quality offers. Whether for IT services, website design or for qualifying ICT training, we have a wide range of services adapted to the needs of most services and individuals. To subscribe to an offer, nothing could be simpler: you can contact us directly by phone or email or fill out the form opposite for a return in less than 24 hours.

Official contacts

NUMERIS-Technical Solutions Provider
117. Rue DALAGOU Tokoin Tanmé ;
Behind the CFP ANCILLA ;
Next to the security company TAS ;
03 bp 30501 Lomé 03 ;
Phone : +228. 90 05 16 77/99 47 39 31
Email : contact@numeris-tsp.net
Website : https://numeris-tsp.net

Order form

Commande au +228. 90 05 16 77